“You’re not fat! You’re prett - “

#stop #seriously #S T O P #your continual reassertion that you don’t think i’m fat/you think i’m pretty is ACTUALLY HURTING MY FEELINGS #i know you mean well but JESUS #HOW IS ANY FAT GIRL (and we’re not even talking about me here) GOING TO ACCEPT HERSELF IF PEOPLE ARE CONSTANTLY SAYING #’you’re not fat you’re pretty’ #HOW #because you know what that phrase does? #it equates fatness to ugliness #and beyond that it perpetuates the societal belief that fat = useless and lazy and BAD #fat ≠ ugly #fat ≠ any measure of beauty #fat ≠ any measure of worth #fat = a fucking observation that one carries more weight on their body #STOP MAKING THAT SOUND LIKE FAT IS A BAD THING #FAT ISN’T A GOOD THING OR A BAD THING #IT’S JUST A THING #PLEASE JUST #STOP

Just going to reiterate the above by saying


I am saying this as someone who is legitimately fat, okay.

I’m not like ‘OMG I’M 110 POUNDS I’M GONNA DIE’

Please never say this.

It makes ‘fat’ and ‘pretty’ sound mutually exclusive.

People who are actually fat know they’re fat. When you say this it makes them feel like they can either be pretty or fat, not both.

Since they KNOW THEY ARE FAT, they feel there is no way they can also be pretty.

This is why I completely ignore people every time they say something like this to me.

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    Yeah, but I know people who legitimately think they are fat, when they are not even slightly chubby. This is what leads...
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    lastofthetimeladies: #stop #seriously #S T O P #your continual reassertion that you don’t think i’m fat/you think i’m...
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    My “friends” don’t like it when they come to me, tell me they’re fat and I say something like “So?” or "Fat is...
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    i actually used to be pretty bad at this, because my gut reaction is to tell the girls that come to me and are like,...
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    THIN PRIVILEGE FEELINGS: this is why it makes me uncomfortable when people use ‘skinny’ as a compliment. bc i see it as...
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